Early OS-9 History, select content from 68 Micro Journal


December 1980

Microware changes their 6809 ad slightly. Basic09 is now called "The Basic09 Programming Language System" by Microware rather than "Motorola Basic09".

This issue contains a lengthy review of OS-9 written by Ken Kaplan.

An ad for "Stylograph" mentions OS-9 support, I believe this is the first 3rd party software for OS-9.

January - April 1981

Ads are mostly as before, however Microsoft Disk Extended Basic is removed from the Microware ad and replaced with a second section about Stylograph in February. Lots of CoCo information starts being included in January, and ads for CoCo products being appearing.

OS-9 support starts to be mentioned in some product ads. The GIMIX ads specifically mention compatiblity OS-9 for their new 2Mhz 6809 CPU boards. LUCIDATA Pascal mentions OS-9 support coming soon, and the Washington Computer Services RMS database product lists an OS-9 version.


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