Robert Gault
832 N.Renaud
Grosse Pointe Woods, MI 48236
e-mail: robert.gault@att.net
E-mail delivery only! See note below.

EDTASM6309  $35
    Patch for Tandy's DISK EDTASM+ (which you must already own) creates possibly the best Editor/Assembler for the Color Computer. 6309/6809 ready, RGB hard drive ready, local labels, upper/lower case, multiple FCB/FDB, and much more.

CC3FAX      $35
    Extensive modification of WEAFAX (Rainbow 1985) for the 512K CoCo3, uses high res graphics, holds a full 15min Weather Fax image, large selection of printer drivers, uses monitor's own speaker for all signal listening. No image data discarded as in Rainbow version. Shortwave receiver and cassette cable required.

HRSDOS      $25
    Data transporter for OS-9. Move programs and data from RSDOS disks to OS-9 or from OS-9 to RSDOS. Supports RGB hard drive systems where drive split into OS-9 and RSDOS sections with direct access to RSDOS section from OS-9. Modification of OS-9 HDisk or CC3Disk drivers not necessary for use.

SmartWatch (r) Drivers  $20 or $15 when purchased with another prgm.
    If you already own the SmartWatch sold by Tandy and other sources but only have drivers for OS-9, these drivers will give access under RSDOS systems. New function added to access date/time as string function: DATE$. Ultimaterm supported.
    OS-9 drivers are also supplied.

COLORZAP-93      $25
    The best disk editor for OS-9 is dEd. Now you can have the same power under RSDOS with this look-alike/work-alike all machine language program for the CoCo3 only. No need to remember new commands when you switch from OS-9 to RSDOS and back.

RGBOOST       $15    or  $10 when purchased with another program
    Make the most of your 6309 Hitachi CPU under RSDOS. More extensive patching of the system than supplied with the Burke&Burke package. Uses new CPU functions but does not use 6309 native mode for safety. Third party software makes using native mode too risky.

As of Jan. 2001 all sales will be delivered by e-mail only! E-mail delivery will be sent in one of three formats: zipped .dsk (emulator file), zipped Windows directory (you transfer files to Coco system), UUencoded uncompressed files. You must specify which is prefered. Special format request can be negotiated.

A check or money order must be received by me before software will be sent. Non US currency must be adjusted for current exchange rates.